How it All Started: My Figure Skating Story

I was 10 years old the first very time I skated.  I held on to the side of the rink for the first couple of laps, and my sweet friend took me by the hand, skated really fast, and let go!  I was magically able to skate on my own and it was at that moment...I knew skating was the best thing ever!  My mom signed me up for skating lessons a few months later.  I skated for about four years, but  my last two years were dedicated to synchro.  We practiced a lot.  My parents and I practically lived at the rink!   

My parents found some of my medals in their storage while moving.

When I was a freshman in high school, I joined my school's dance team.  I eventually had no time for skating and had to quit.  Fast forward 10 years later, I was a 25 year old workaholic that desperately needed a hobby.  I spontaneously decided I wanted to be on a synchronized skating team again!  

To my surprise there was an adult synchro team in my area.  I contacted the coach and found out I needed a loop and flip for tryouts.  I thought, “Piece of cake!”  I went to a public skate soon after and I could only do a crappy one foot spin and a lousy waltz jump.  I two-footed the landing of every flip attempt, and I was too scared to even try a loop.  I could still skate super fast, but I had to stop and catch my breath frequently.  I felt very old and out of shape.

So, I signed up for adult learn to skate classes, and slowly got my flip and loop back.  It took a few months to land a loop jump, and it took almost a year to get my flip consistent!  I tried out for the synchro team in August 2011.  Tryouts were amazing and I made the team!  Sadly, it was going to cost about $3,000 a year and I couldn't afford that on a teacher salary.  I didn't join the team after all, but I continued to take skating classes.  I started private lessons this past summer and I now skate 2 - 3 times a week. 

My biggest challenge for the longest time was my endurance and having free time to commit to skating.  My weekends haven't been as busy these past few months, and I joined a gym in January to help strengthen my core, flexibility, and endurance.  The gym has helped my skating a lot!  My jumps are much bigger and I started working on my axel a few weeks ago.  I’m super excited, because I feel like I’m almost as good as I was 12 years ago.  I can’t imagine my life without figure skating now.  I’m so glad I randomly decided to try skating again!

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