Thursday, March 28, 2013

Check Out!!

I had a good lesson today!

I learned that I've been going into my three-turn for the flip jump wrong this whole time.  I have been toeing behind my left foot to push myself in the three-turn, but I need to toe in front. It's supposed to help with something...but I don't remember what??  The jump still felt the same to me, but at least now I have a correct entrance!

My backspin was really fast and tight!  I still couldn't do as many rotations as my forward scratch though.  I need to work on that.  I spin super fast for 4 to 5 rotations and then the spin just dies down and I have to check out to keep my balance.  My coach gave me homework to practice hopping out of my backspin and land in the check position.  This is supposed to help my axel.  I've been told to work on this before...but I only practiced it a handful of times.  I am going to force myself to work on this on Sunday.

I tried my axel (still on the harness) with a toe tap entrance today.  This is how I practice axels off ice and I was also taught to do an axel from toe taps as a kid, so it wasn't completely new to me.  I think the toe tap helps me get better knee bend and lift on the takeoff.  I still need to work on my posture, and I need to have a strong check out.  Right now, I'm not checking out soon enough.  At one point my coach had me fix something (I don't remember what haha) by going back to waltz, back spins (still on the harness).  After I did a few walkthroughs, my coach then told me to fix something else.  For some reason I did the whole jump instead of just a waltz/back spin walkthrough...and it completely threw my coach off.  My coach had to quickly save me from a fall.  I was held up in a sitting position thanks to my coach pulling me up at the last minute. BUT :)  He shouted, "KELLY!!, You have an axel!!  You can land this if you just check out sooner!!"  Because my coach didn't realize I was actually jumping, I did the full rotation in the air by myself.  :) Yay!  He told me I was going to make all of the other girls jealous, because I'm actually going to be able to land an axel soon, even though I just started working on it.  Now, I know I will not actually land this jump anytime in the near future, but it makes me feel good to know that I'm closer than I thought I was.


  1. Hooray for good lessons! I'm so excited that you are closer to landing the axel. Can't wait to hear all about it when it happens!

  2. How cool that you are so close to your axel!